Getting To Know The Library

The Library Services

Public Service — this refers to giving library services to the customers in term of borrowing books and other library materials as well as personal assistance in looking for information.

Referral Latter —  is issued upon request of students and faculty members who are planning to use the library resources of other library institution. Students may request at their respective library units.

Library Instruction — The Librarians give an individual instruction as they see the need to deliver one to student who needs it. Instruction may cover the use of the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) database until a client is able to do an independent research. Students can look into the web page of the library for more information linked at and students are also provided a copy of library brochures.

Current Awareness Services —  is located at the entrance of every library. It shows library reports, activities, newsletters, announcements, and bibliography of newly acquired books and information educating academic community.

Photocopying Services — the  Copy Center provides photocopy services for the students. Located at the 2nd floor of Engineering (JVE)  building. There are also photocopying services at the old building.

The Library Resources

General Circulation Section —  this section contains foreign-authored books in different subject areas. The student client will have to fill-up the research form and indicate the call number, title, author of the book and barcode for easy access of the materials.

Filipiñiana Section — this section contains a collection of Filipino authored book or other materials whose topics are about the Philippines whether (foreign or local authors). It also features some of the Rizaliana Section that provides in-depth information on the life of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Reference Section — this section consists of materials that guide students in their researches. It can freely utilized  by the customers within the Reference Section only. Pieces of papers and pens will be allowed to be brought in this section for notes taking.

Periodical Section — this area consists of government publications, (published government agencies) foreign and local journals, magazines, and newspaper clippings.

Internet Section — is open from 10:00 am — 7:00 pm first come first serve basis for one (1) per student. Present ID and log-in / tap ID at the Library database for Internet Usage Menu.

Thesis Area —  in-housed at the 4th floor of the RND building near the Dean’s Office. This collection of thesis in different subject areas offered by the Graduate School. Can be used for reference purposes and room use only. Photocopy of thesis is not allowed.