Smart Transport System: The Role of Technology in the Efficient Management of Traffic Situations in EDSA

Dr. Benjamin G. Quito, Dr. Villamor S. Quebral, Dr. Edna C. Aquino


This concept paper is the first part of a three-fold system for an efficient management of the traffic situation in EDSA. This paper focuses on the commuting service and transport system introduced here as Smart Transport System (STS). The solution offered is the use of Contactless cards as mode of fare payment, the installation of Smart Bus peripherals, Smart loading and unloading stations, and Smart Bus terminals.  The second part, which is underway is the introduction of the Smart Traffic Operations Procedure (STOP). And the last and final part of the total solution of traffic problem is the institutionalization of Road Safety and Traffic Education (RoSTed) in Philippine schools and local communities.

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